Short Paper: Realistic Shading of Human Skin in Real-Time

  • Short Paper handed in at ACM SIGGRAPH AFRIGRAPH 2004
  • November 2003 – June 2004
  • Visual C++, DirectX, OpenGL, HLSL, Cg, Photoshop, Virtools, RenderMan SL, Mental Ray, Maya

The demand for realistic human characters is driven by interactive application developers worldwide. The look of 3D models in real time graphics is efficiently improved by powerful shader techniques. In the past a common technique consisted of a simple lighting model combined with textures, which have pre-calculated illumination included.

In this paper we will give an overview of the most recent techniques in skin shading. We present a multifaceted implementation of shading techniques by efficiently combining various approaches. Therefore we will explain physical and anatomical backgrounds and refer to relevant papers. In our opinion, this work is a valuable reference to assist shader developers in their implementations and adaptions on recent and future graphic hardware.