Fraunhofer IIS: Trainer Tool

  • Sports Vision & Facts GbR, Fraunhofer IIS
  • November 2010 – March 2013
  • MonoGame, C#, WPF, MySQL

RedFIR gains high-frequency positional data from football players (via RFID) and Fraunhofer IIS is generating events and statistical data from these informations.

The goal was to implement an app which is simple to use on PC as well as Windows Tablet visualizing statistics and a 2D top view of the football training/match to be used by coaches. A PDF report could be generated for individual players, teams and for a specific set of exercises for talentdiagnostics.

I coded and designed 90% of the application using MonoGame for 2D top view and a self implemented statistics visualization, UI was implemented using WPF.

I also lead the production of the official RedFIR-Trailer which premiered along CeBit 2012.