City Varsity – The Snowman

  • City Varsity, Comps, Project 3 – Flying Object
  • 6. – 13. June 2003
  • 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Premiere, Cool Edit

Create a 30 sec. – 60 sec. 3D Animation movie INCLUDING Audio. The animation must be a narrative, i.e. have a beginning, middle and end and tell a story or have a message to convey. A narrative that contains as main content/character a flying object or an object moving through air or space.

Storyboard the narrative by Monday 9 June 2003 (finished by the start of your computer class). Also model your main object by Monday 9 June 2003. YOU MUST DO RESEARCH (and help each other and share your knowledge.)

I would break it down like this: Day 0: Today do research, watch videos/movies of relevant subject matter. Day 1 model the main flying object. Day 2 texture the main flying object. Also storyboard an idea of the narrative. Day 3 Set up and model the scene Day 4 Texture and light the scene and set up cameras. Day 5 Animate the object through your scene, rendering Day 6 Rendering the final scene, compositing and audio Day 7 Finish off and hand in.

This project will be the hardest one you have done at CityVarsity. The pressure is immense; you need every second you can possibly sacrifice, Weekends included. See that you get at least 4 hours sleep per night else it catches up with you. We can of course stretch out these projects over the holidays but it seems your choice not to.

Go make some magic!

City Varsity – Leaning Tower of Pisa

  • City Varsity, Comps, Project 1 – Architecture
  • 19. – 25. May 2003
  • 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Create (Model) a replica of a famous architectural structure in 3D, e.g. Parthenon, Coliseum, Chrysler Building, Lighthouse at Alexandria, etc.

Three JPEGs plus your max sourcefiles needed.

You have one week, hand in Monday 26 May 2003 before class into the project folder.

Your pics should look photorealistic once textured and lit in part 2 of the project and have cleverly used camera angles. You do not need any textures or bump maps or lighting for part 1, just 3 rendered stillshots of the completed 3D model with a grey texture overall.